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Schedule for the event

  1. Saturday, Nov 7, LIRMM
    • 9am Welcome and Introductions
    • 9.30am Presentation by Mark Wilkinson
    • 10.15am Coffee break
    • 10.35am Open Space exercise: Pitches & refinement
    • 12.45pm Lunch break
    • 2.15pm Open Space exercise: refinement & report-out
    • 3.30pm Boot camps (coffee break and time at your discretion)
    • in parallel: work sessions
  2. Sunday, Nov 8, LIRMM
    • 9-10.15am Phylogenetics bootcamp, PhyloCode bootcamp,
    • in parallel: work sessions
    • Lunch and coffee breaks by subgroup or at individual discretion
    • 2.45pm Stand-ups
  3. Tuesday, Nov 10, Le Corum
    • 9am-5.30pm Work sessions
    • 10.30-10.50am Coffee break (fixed due to TDWG logistics)
    • 11am Stand-ups
    • 12.45-2.15pm Lunch break
    • 3.30-3.50pm Coffee break (fixed due to TDWG logistics)
  4. Wednesday, Nov 11, Le Corum
    • 9am-10.20am Work sessions
    • 10:20 Group Photo (right before break)
    • 10.30-10.50am Coffee break (fixed due to TDWG logistics)
    • 12.45-2.15pm Lunch break
    • 2:45 Group Evaluation
      1. What worked? What didn't work?
      2. What should be done differently next time?
      3. How will you (we) follow up on progress made here?
    • 3.30-3.50pm Coffee break (fixed due to TDWG logistics)
    • 4:00 Group meeting: reports from sub-groups
    • 5:00 final chance for subgroups to deposit outcomes and report on them
      • Every outcome is important to us
      • If its not on (or linked to) the wiki, we won't know it's an outcome

Travel, maps and logistics

If you will have cell service during the conference (will my phone work?), please consider sharing your number with the organizer. It will help us all to keep in touch, in case there is some confusion about locations or meals.

Transportation & getting there:

  • Getting to LIRMM (location for Nov 7-8). Please, arrive at LIRMM promptly at 8:50 am. We will have to gather at the main gate as only one person has the key to access the building.
  • Chateau d'O, the closest Tram stop station to LIRMM, about 800 m from LIRMM on the Blue tram line. See also the Tram map for Montpellier.
  • See also travel to the TDWG conference and the TDWG information on Le Corum (location for Nov 10-11) and Montpellier.
  • Note that Montpellier has a network of public bicycles and protected bicycle parking at select tram stations. See here for more info.

Food & coffee:

  • See Places to Eat for the TDWG conference for Nov 9 and after.
  • While at LIRMM (Nov 7-8):
    • A cafeteria is located within the Casino grocery store, about 1 mile from LIRMM (approx. 20 min walk). See the map for how to get there for lunch.
    • The organizers will buy ground coffee, cream and sugar, and local staff will lend two coffee machines. We will ask for a per-cup donation to defray cost.
    • There will be drinks available for purchase from a coin machine.

Language translation:


  • Recent weather in Montpellier has been cloudy with showers and a daily high in the upper 60s F.
  • Current weather in Montpellier
  • Past weather, in terms of average daily highs and lows, has been:
    • October: daily high of 67 F (19 C), low of 53 F (12 C)
    • November: daily high of 57 F (14 C), low of 42 F (6 C)