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Phylotastic at iEvoBio 2013!

Sorry! This wiki is a bit of mess. Right now, the best ways to find out about the project are

  1. play the live demos and screencasts
  2. read the recent BMC paper (open access)
  3. talk to someone who is involved (see the participants of hackathon #2 or leadership team roster
  4. for the stout-hearted, dive into the code on GitHub

If you want to comment on the project, use the hashtag #phylotastic or leave a comment on the recent BMC paper

Please bear with us while we work to refactor and update the material on this page.

fixing this page (burn after reading)

Our web home at points to this page as the "wiki". This should be the place where people come to find out more about the project. In particular we want to make this site useful for:

  • personnel from other projects who might want to work with us to integrate resources
  • anyone who might be in a position to offer support ($$, programmer hours, meeting resources) or influence decisions
  • programmers who might be interested in contributing
  • end-users who might want to use the system, or make suggestions

Here is a list of things to be done:

miscellaneous links to keep (use or discard after rewriting)


this section should have an up-to-date lead (short!) summarizing the current state of the project and future challenges

Phylotastic is conceived as a community-sustainable delivery system for tree-of-life knowledge, enabling convenient, computable, credible access to expert knowledge of species phylogeny through composition of separate web services that follow defined interfaces. When complete, Phylotastic will allow any scientist, educator or student to input a list of species and obtain a phylogeny in ready-to-use form on the fly. Phylotastic is the primary product of the NESCent’s Hackathons, Interoperability, Phylogenies (HIP) working group. It was conceived by the HIP leadership team in January 2012, and was initiated by several dozen participants at a NESCent hackathon on June 4-8, 2012. A second hackathon took place at iPlant’s headquarters in Tucson, Arizona on January 28 through February 1, 2013.

What's phylotastic


Tree Storage



  • Architastic (page in progress) Ben
    • demo with 2 different treestores-- OToL and RDF-- including TNRS + tree finding + pruning
    • wiki page by Shannon
    • + DateLife is in progress
    • Ben, Karen, Derrick, Shannon, Naim, Mark, Cody, Rutger
    • google folder



  • Tree Annotation - Enrico, Hilmar, Ramona, Joachim, Arlin and part of Andrea
    • slide presentation - 10 trees annotated, checklist form, MIAPA ontology,
    • demo (Joachim)
    • wiki documentation (Arlin)

Shiny stuff


this is a stub for a catch-all section with links to technical content, resources, and further information