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VoCamp Participants (organizers in bold)
Name Affiliation Background/Resources
Anne Thessen Marine Biological Laboratory Encyclopedia of Life, Census of Marine Life
Arlin Stoltzfus NIST and University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute CDAO Nexplorer Bio::NEXUS
Brandon Chisham New Mexico State University CDAO
Cate Anderson University of Nebraska at Lincoln Biofinity Project
Christopher Goddard Florida Museum of Natural History TOLKIN
Daniel Bunker New Jersey Institute of Technology TraitNet
David Kidd Center for Population Biology, Imperial College London Data integration, geographic data, historical biogeography, metadata
David Thau UC Davis Data Integration, TDWG, AntWeb, SEEK
Farshid Ahrestani Columbia University TraitNet
Greg Whitbread Australian National Herbarium IBIS, ALA, TDWG, IPNI, APNI ...
Hilmar Lapp NESCent PhyloWS, Phylr, Phenoscape, BioSQL and GMOD, EvoIO
James Case UC Davis LOINC, HL7 Reference Information Model
Joel Sachs University of Maryland Baltimore County SPIRE
John Wieczorek Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley Darwin Core
Jonathan Rees Science Commons Neurocommons, Shared Names, OBO Foundry, GBIF LSID-GUID task group, W3C TAG
Joshua Reece Washington University in Saint Louis Population Genetics, Phylogenetics
Julie Thompson CNRS, France MAO, CDAO, EvolHHuPro
Karen Cranston Field Museum of Natural History Phylota,Encyclopedia of Life, iPlant tree of life
Mark Schildhauer NCEAS/UCSB SEEK Project, OBOE Ontology, SONet, TraitNet, Semtools
Mark Wilkinson University of British Columbia Concept Web Alliance, BioMoby, SADISADI Semantic Web Services Framework, W3C HCLS Interest Group
Nico Cellinese University of Florida TOLKIN, RegNum
Peter Midford University of Kansas Phenoscape,Taxonomy and Behavior ontologies, OWL based data collection and Ontology alignment
Phillip Lord Newcastle University Ontology Development, OWL
Ravensara S. Travillian University of Washington, Institute of Translational Health Sciences Structural Difference Method, CAIS
Roger Hyam PESI - Natural History Museum London TDWG, BCI
Rosemary Shrestha Crop Research Informatics Laboratory (CRIL), CIMMYT, Mexico GCP, CGIAR
Rutger Vos University of Reading NESCent EvoInfo Working Group, NeXML, TreeBase
Sheldon McKay Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory GMOD, modENCODE, iPlant tree of life
Stan Blum California Academy of Sciences TDWG, Darwin Core, DiGIR, Taxonomic Concept Schema, Global Names Architecture
Steven Ginzbarg University of Alabama TDWG
Torsten Eriksson Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm Phylogenetics
William Piel Yale Peabody Museum TreeBase, iPlant tree of life,