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Requested bootcamps

Request a bootcamp here. Remember that the bootcamps will take place in the latter half of day 1, when participants know their projects and may want to pick up some extra knowledge before starting.

  1. Working knowledge of OWL - background information on OWL and how it can be used. Phil Lord can lead (?), Mark Wilkinson and Joel Sachs will help. Farshid will post presentation for TraitNet, which is based on Manchester OWL tutorial.
    • OWL-DL and OWL-Full
    • Semantics of OWL versus of RDF
    • Pitfalls in knowledge engineering.
  2. SPARQL. Mark Wilkinson can lead.
  3. Linked Data and RDF. Merits of RDF versus OWL. Joel Sachs can lead, Roger will help (?)
  4. OWL 2.0 and SWRL. No possible leader yet
  5. Using Protege. Farshid can lead, Mark Schildhauer will help.
  6. High-level concepts and working practices in phylogenetics. Karen can lead, Josh Reece & Nico will help.
  7. Community resources for ontologies. Jonathan Rees can lead (?), Hilmar and Phil Lord will help
  8. TDWG processes and resources. Stan Blum and John Wieczorek can lead, Roger will help (?).
    • TDWG standards process: review, adoption, maintenance
    • TDWG organizational entities and roles
    • TDWG process details
    • Dublin Core/Darwin Core approach to maintaining term definitions
  9. PhyloCode introduction. Nico can lead.
  10. Best practices on ontological modeling. Raven can lead (or at least help)
    • Transitivity and cardinality.
    • Wholes and parts.
    • Possible consequences of which choices one makes.


To find out more about projects associated with VoCamp participants, just click on the links on the VoCamp Participants page.

There is also a VoCamp1/Resources page with a more condensed list of key projects.