Phylotastic at iEvoBio 2013!

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Several Phylotastic components will be discussed and demonstrated at iEvoBio[1] at Snowbird, June 25-26.

June 25

Getting More Phylotastic

Arlin Stolzfus will summarize progress made in the Phylotastic project, including new "shiny" demonstration projects and back-end robustness and integration.

PhyloGeoTastic: software demonstration

Julie Allen will be demonstrating the newest shiny integration of Phylotastic targeted at a educational audience. PhyloGeoTastic is a web application that allows educators to highlight an area of the world, pull up a list of species in that area and obtain a phylogenetic tree linking those species.

June 26

The MIAPA ontology: An annotation ontology for validating minimum metadata reporting for phylogenetic analyses

Hilmar Lapp will be discussing progress made in developing a formalized ontology for describing phylogenetic analyses.