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This page is for the Leadership Team to develop its plan for publicity, recruiting, and other aspects of administration (vs. the plan for the hackathon itself).


initial hackathon planning

roles list

  • back-end trees - you have access to big trees (>1K species) and can make them accessible via some data store
  • branch length estimation - you can adapt tools that assign branch lengths (via a branching model, or external reference points, or character sampling).
  • documentation expert - you can make screencasts and write clear how-to documents
  • grafting & pruning - you can implement algorithms for grafting and pruning
  • NeXML spec - you can help expand the NeXML spec to cover the Phylotastic use-case
  • provenance annotation - you can use metadata to keep track of where results come from
  • semantic integration, mashups - you can write tools to discover, collect and integrate online data
  • something else - you can contribute to this project in ways we haven't imagined yet
  • TNRS - you can use and adapt tools to map one set of names to another
  • use-case expert - you know a real pruning-grafting-integration problem that can be used to test Phylotastic
  • visualization - you can adapt an existing phylogeny visualization tool for new intputs and capabilities
  • web service interfaces - you can design and implement interfaces to wrap existing tools
  • workflows - you can assemble web services (or other resources) into an executable workflow

Dates and such

  • Dates:
    • February 20th: posting of all the advertisements
    • February 20th: all the invitations have been communicated
    • March 4th: deadline for applications
    • March 12th: deadline for scoring all the applications
    • April 2nd: deadline for selection of applicants
    • June 4 to 8: the hackathon event
  • Prepare advertisement
    • Mike prepares a 100-word blurb describing the event and announcing the dates for advertisements and deadlines
    • Where to Submit and Who submits:
      • Karen: NESCent newsletter
      • Hilmar: NESCent Phyloinformatics mailing list
      • Semantic Mark: OpenBio list and GMOD developers
      • Arlin: Evoidr
      • Brian: Facebook
      • Fish Mark: BioSync
      • Hilmar: EcoLog
    • Press Releases:
      • Create a "buzz" before the event (social media?); maybe a Google+ page
      • Post on Blogs (a week before the event)
        • Arlin: Rod Page's Blog
        • Brian: Dechronization
      • Develop surveys to engage community in the selection of features
      • Karen: After the Hackathon contact Robin for a press-release
    • Develop slides for presentations
    • Participate in meetings and make presentations
    • Phyloseminar online seminars
    • #phylotastic

Further 'to do' items from day 3

  • Enrico will create a Wiki page for the hackathon
  • Karen will set up a mailing list for the participants to the Hackathon (HIP_hackathon)
  • Mike will create a blurb for the event
  • Brian will create on Googledoc an invitation letter for the hackathon (invited participants)
  • Rutger will create on Googledoc an open call for the hackathon (open call for participants)
  • Arlin will be in charge of dates and scheduling