Phylostars: Sample Questions and Answers

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examples from other places

  • from evoldir's archive
    • how to concatenate MSAs a synopsis of answers. Needs links and references. Could be worked up into a brief tutorial.
  • from Bodega Bay phylogenetics workshop, some tutorials. Some of these are heavyweight (e.g., 15 pages of instruction about BEAST), but others are more like a brief tutorial (garli, gamma dist).

examples from biostars

These are examples with lots of votes or views. Some of them are framed in a good way for a tutorial, and some of these have answers that could provide a good starting point.

Note the HowTo section:

and also with the tutorial tag:

Istvan says that sorting by views or votes is a good way to find the highly appreciated ones.

Best ranked on BioStars

most these have 15 or more votes

Examples for particular tags

Some of these only have a few votes because the tags don't have a lot of questions

some other tag-clouds to browse:

BioStars questions that are really evolutionary questions

examples from other sources