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Taxonomic Names Resolution Service (TNRS, Paddy prefers "taxonomic reconciliation")
Names sources
Collections of strings that have been used as names for taxa, NameBank or Global Names Index. Includes errors, mis-spellings, and there is no evaluation of nomenclatural or taxonomic issues.
A list of names, typically of species located in a place or other context. May or may not be taxonomically authoritative.
Like Catalogue of Life, IRMNG, or Union (the Global names big classification). These collect information from multiple sources, usually do so without evaluating all entries, but often pick up inconsistencies or conflicts between sources.
The term 'Nomenclator' has been in widespread use throughout the 19th century and predates the digital age. There job is to compile and comment on names that comply with the appropriate code. Index Fungorum is a good example. This is an objective environment.
Collective Taxonomic source
WoRMS is an initiative that lies between the Authoritative Taxonomic Source. A community of experts use common tools to compile information in a similar way (compliant to a template)
Authoritative Taxonomic source
This is a collection of taxonomic judgments about which species really exist and applying the nomenclaturally correct name to them. These can be very small (single species), revisions at higher levels (genus / Family) all the way up to very large structures such as the Biosystematic Database of World Diptera. These are subjective environments, and vary enormously in quality. I use the word 'Authoritative' to indicate that the creator of the database purportedly evaluates every entry, critically.
Global Species Database
An authoritative taxonomic source which attempts to list every taxon in the group of interest found anywhere on the planet.
(can we generalize this to "Global Taxon Database" so it can encompass higher taxa as well?
A special kind of Authoritative Taxonomic Source, carefully argued evaluation of the validity of taxa, synonymies, and nomenclature for ALL taxa within a defined group / clade

In every class there can be a range of qualities. Nomenclators are often the best. Not all things with names in some kind of organization are in cluded here, so I suspect we need to expand the number of classes.